7211  Reed Tower is an elegant floor standing system with wide range and life like presence.  It's dual 7 " design utilizes hybrid  reed cone/aluminum technology for high intelligibility and tonal accuracy . The full range reed unit has a patented,  high flux, motor-drive system and copper shorting rings  for ultra low distortion and true to life dynamics.  The aluminum cone top, bass/midbass, unit has a similar drive motor and complementary response that  blends perfectly with the reed main driver.  Together they synergize to provide  a powerful, articulate and  resonance free listening  experience. 

Upper range and high frequencies are handled by a 1" Dyna silk dome tweeter using a high transfer, phase coherent, crossover for seamless mids  and sparkling highs.

Overall the  7211 is  a stand out value and establishes a higher reference performance level  for tower systems at this price point .

7211 Reed  Floor Standing Tower
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System Design         3 Way Floor System with 3rd order venting.
Woofer/Midrange  7"  Seas Reed cone. Patented motor , Cu pole, shorting rings
Woofer/ Bass    7" Aluminum with high acceleration motor.
Tweeter              1” Dyna silk dome with aperiodic rear chamber
Frequency Response    35 Hz – 20 kHz
Crossover          Proprietary 3 pole minimum phase. 150Hz, 1.7 kHz
Sensitivity/Power  89 db @ 1 w-1m.  10w min - 350 w rms max.
Impedance        5 ohms
Dimensions/Wt.     39” h x 8.5” w x 10"(bottom)/7.7" d(top)
Available Real Wood Finishes     Maple, Oak, Cherry

Source Loudspeaker Technologies, 701 Nutmeg Road N. South Windsor CT. 06074. (860) 918 3088
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Shown here in natural cherry