Coherent Pulse 7.1
The 7.1 Coherent Pulse is the only speaker system on the market today that is capable of recreating a true, live event, musical experience. It combines the power and wave launch symmetry of a dynamic loudspeaker with the time coherence of a planar/electrostatic. Its 3 dimensional sound field has an inner resolution and spatial perspecitive that places the listener in the "best seat in the house".

Its foundation is a precise form of system integration that produces ACCURATE step response which is a vital  indicator of a loudspeaker’s ability to produce the intricate and complex wave forms that we call music.  Inherently superior and coherent step response can only be achieved by phase correct alignment, both electrical and spatial. Today’s very best loudspeakers may have natural timbrel balance, exceptional focus and wide sound staging, but lack the highest levels of  time resolution necessary to bring forth the live event. They all sound like speakers reproducing music.

Only the 7.1 Coherent Pulse can ascend to the next level by creating true life like 3 dimensional sound.



System DesignTwo way compound bass reflex with  “stepped” time alignment
Woofer            7” Excel magnesium cone with patented motor system.
Tweeter   25 mm bullet dome
Crossover        Proprietary hybrid minimum phase, 1.8 kHz
Power Min/Max50/350 W RMS
Sensitivity        87 db @ 1 W
Frequency Resp.     35 Hz – 20 kHz +- 2 db
Phase Resp.    < 30 deg shift from 200 Hz to 5 kHz
Dimensions, Wt.      37” h x 9” w x 9.5” d,  65 lbs
Finishes   Oak and Cherry
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As pictured here the 7.1  has “ideal” right triangle step response. This means that sound is propagated as if it were one distinct point source. Both woofer and tweeter output are fused together and arrive to the listener as a coherent event.
Step response of 7.1 Coherent Pulse speaker system
Step response of a widely used European monitor speaker system
Pictured here is a widely used European monitor speaker. Notice how its output arrives to the listener as multiple energy sources. Tweeter (a) is followed by woofer (b). This is not "coherent" alignment and is common for most dynamic loudspeakers.

a    b
Natural oak.
Natural Cherry Finish
" My dealer has been updating me continuously for many months on the status of the speaker development. As you could imagine, he had built up expectations to a level that I thought could not be exceeded. It is my good fortune to report that I was wrong. This speaker has simply amazed me for the month that I have had it and continues to do so every time I listen. As the designer/builder I’m not sure if you realize how much of a leap in sound quality the Coherent Pulse is compared to past designs".

"The Coherent Pulse has put to rest all my reservations because it surpassed all the strong points of the B&W while being much smoother".

"We have a piano in the house and my son plays the flute, so I am well aware of how real instruments should sound. These speakers render recorded music with more realism that I thought attainable".