Proprietary cast wool /carbon Quiet Cone woofers, and (3)  1” neodym silk dome tweeters provide wide coverage and exceptional rear/side field characteristics. By grouping 3 tweeters in a controlled cluster, radiated power is uniform both vertically and laterally. In addition, far field power is significantly increased.  This makes the 255 TRI a star performer and THE ideal side and rear channel speaker for high end theater applications.

A rugged 1” wide aluminum mounting frame (not plastic) is fastened to a massive ¾” thick MDF baffle. The proprietary inner support trestle bar assembly is comprised of  ¾” thick rigid 13 ply birch  and couples, via ¼” steel bolts, to provide a resonant free support system. A significant improvement in performance is realized because the front baffle/wall interface DOES NOT “move”. 

A minimum phase optimized, hybrid HQ crossover completes the design.
             IW 255 WC
  Tri Tweeter Dedicated Surround Array

System DesignDual 5” enhanced  2 way array in wall system.
Application     Side and rear surround for Home Theater
Woofers   (2) – 5” Wool/Carbon / cast frame
Tweeter   (3)- Neodym silk dome tweeter.
Frequency Resp.     49 Hz- 20 kHz, with back box
Impedance       6 ohms
Crossover Hybrid @2100 Hz
Sensitivity 91 db
Construction    Rigid aluminum 1" wide, with HD ¾” front baffle .
Wall mounting Vertical, 5" mid woofers are above and below tweeter array
Grille / Color    MDF/ with a wide variety of fabrics to match wall color
Hole Cut Out            7" x 20"
Overall Size     8.5" w x 21.5" h

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Shown here in horizontal position. Best results when turned 90 deg or vertical position
Polar response shows wider/more even coverage