8.1 XCL
System Design Two way tower with compound bass loading
Bass/Midrange  (1) ea 8" high flux cast wool carbon with 1.75" VC
Tweeter     (1) ea 1" Scan silk dome
Frequency Response     35 hz - 20 khz
Crossover  3 pole/ 18 db/oct at 1.8 khz
Impedance5 ohms
Sensitivity/Max Power  92 db@ 1 W/1M; 350 WRMS
Dimensions/Wt36"h x 9"w x 11/7.5"d/ 56 lbs ea.
Available Finishes   Oak, Cherry and Maple - All real wood.

Source Technologies, 701 Nutmeg Road N. South Windsor, CT. 06074, (860) 528 2892
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The 8.1 XCL is our premium "fast response" floor standing speaker system designed to exceed the utmost demands of high end Stereo and Home Theater. It's high flux,cast 8"Quiet Cone™wool carbon woofer is complemented by dual vent (compound) bass loading for unequalled mid-bass "speed" and clarity while extending deep bass response to below 35 hz. A costly, premium quality, minimum phase crossover, using copper foil inductors and Mundorf™ Silver Oil capacitors, in concert with a Scanspeak™ 1" silk dome tweeter, provides live performance resolution and  seamless integration from top to bottom. Sonic attributes include enhanced aural cues, superior note to note delineation, precise harmonic balance and effortless presentation. Technical measurements boast reference quality flat response with extremely low distortion, "easy" impedance, clean impulse, and over 110 db of dynamic headroom!  

Diminutive proportions and slanted back allow for a wide variety of placement and aesthetic options.

8.1 XCL is truly THE benchmark for those seeking a professional quality monitor with full Home Theater capacity and capability.

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