Wool Carbon Cone Technology

Ideal loudspeakers transmit sound cleanly with little resonance. Ideally they have no sound of their own.  In other  words, once a musical note is made it should be accurate and diminish quickly. All new music information should be unencumbered by old echoes or resonances. No carry over. Wool/Carbon (WC) cone technology creates the near perfect medium for transmitting sound. Using an optimized ratio of carbon fibre, wool and paper, WC embodies ideal sound transfer characteristics.

All Source Technologies WC speaker systems use this improved cone technology, in concert with high speed dynamic magnetics, to achieve a level of performance exceeding, by a wide margin, industry standards.

In these measurements below, our 6” Wool/Carbon drive unit is compared to other competitive, high end, drive units using conventional cone materials. A perfect transducer should have few if any ridges - an empty noise floor.

Viewing these time vs energy measurements shows the clear advantage of Wool Carbon (far right) bass/midrange technology. Parallel ridges, running from front to back, indicate resonance or delayed sound. Delayed sound causes smearing, lack of focus, loss of inner detail, dynamic power loss and boxiness.  Wool/Carbon is almost completely free of these delayed resonance effects.

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