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             Source Loudspeakers - Passion for Sound.

Commitment: We’ve been in our current location in South Windsor, CT., making loudspeakers, for nearly 15 years. What started out as a passion,at the university level, has become a full time occupation. Our chief designer, John Sollecito, has been creating highly acclaimed loudspeakers for more than 20 years, including JSE Infinite Slope ™, while designing and manufacturing speaker systems for other “brand name” manufacturers. Our advanced testing facility provides the most thorough analysis of loudspeaker behavior. Using proprietary techniques, specific to Source Loudspeakers, our speaker systems fulfill the most demanding needs and have been used extensively in many celebrated home theater systems costing well in excess of $100,000. What makes Source Loudspeakers so special?

Premium parts and materials: Only the very best components have the inherent low distortion and musicality necessary to make a speaker worthy of the Source Technologies name. Our rigid standards require cast frame drive units, oversized voice coils, large magnets, wool/carbon cones, heavy gauge copper wiring and MDF enclosures. Crossovers embody proprietary phase correct hybrid topologies, polypropylene capacitors, and 2% air cored inductors. Exterior finish is lacquered real wood veneer with high gloss plastic laminate (1/16" thick,not paint) on backs and bottoms.

Our speaker systems sound better : Having built over 50,000 loudspeaker systems we know loudspeakers and what makes great sound. Our proprietary drive units, precision crossovers and rigid enclosures embody the most advanced technologies available.

We hand build all of our enclosures. Only a small fraction of loudspeaker companies do this. Common, mass produced speaker enclosures are simply not rigid enough. They "flex", adding their own "sound" to the music.. Only by hand building and color imagery mapping can a truly resonance free “quiet” cabinet be made. Advantages: include select high-density MDF board, high strength glues, butt joints, circumferential bracing, high tensile steel fasteners and proprietary coatings. This greatly reduces torsion or resonance effects common to most loudspeakers. When finished our enclosure has “no voice of its own”.  Sound loss, from “noisy” panels, is virtually non-existent.

Reviews? We've had many wonderful reviews from leading audio publications spanning from 1984 to 1992. The last 14 years however have been a "settling out" period where ambiguities surrounding multi-channel needed to be addressed. Single issues rather than system integration "dilute" focus. For these reasons Source Technologies has eschewed requests for product reviews. However consumer based web forums and diehard owner loyalty have provided a great deal of exposure. In 2006 there now seems to be a substantial platform for multi-channel. Look for Source Loudspeaker reviews in the near future..

Warranty:  All drive units and crossovers are guaranteed to perform as stated for 7 years with an optional extended 10 yr. warranty available.