CC- 82554 Center Channel
CC – 82554 is a wide range/high output center channel designed to deliver full state of the art performance to large screen formats. Key to wide screen viewing is high output  without compression. (5) 5" Cast frame WC mid and (2) 8" bass/midbass units employ Quiet Cone technology to provide wide dynamics without compression with excellent full range performance and wide dispersion. (5) in line tweeters create high intelligibility and a symmetric sound field over the entire range of seating positions. Special 3 pole internal crossover optimizes driver performance and eliminates uneven sound distribution.  An 11 deg. frontal incline allows for optimum placement either above or below projector screen. Performance features include 3/4” thick front baffle, 49lb MDF enclosure, special resonant suppression coatings, Mundorf capacitors and precision inductors.

Use in  large rooms with the most demanding Home Theaters

System Design 12 Element Bessel Array™ Center Channel
Woofers     (2) ea  8” Quiet Cone™ CWC Technology.
Tweeter     (5) ea  DX Vifa™ -silk dome
Crossover  150 Hz and 2kHz - Minimum phase
Sensitivity/ Impedance92 db/ 6 ohms
Power Min/ Max     10 W – 420 W
Frequency Resp    40 hz to 20 khz
Dimensions / Wt    13” h x 52” w x 9/8” d – 11 deg angle/ 76 lbs.
Finishes    Black gloss, Flat Black, Cherry, Oak

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