IW 28 WC Surround
The IW 28 WC Surround is a premium grade, in-wall, full range  surround speaker system. Designed to provide state of the art side, rear and rear surround performance (uniform coverage over a wide arc) it uses proprietary cast wool /carbon “quiet cone” 8” woofer and dual 1” silk dome neodym tweeters. A rugged 1” wide aluminum mounting frame (not plastic) is fastened to a massive ¾” thick MDF baffle. The inner support trestle assembly is comprised of  ¾” thick birch plywood and couples, via ¼” steel bolts, to provide extra rigidity and support. “Flexing”, a form of detrimental phase distortion caused by “moving panels” and synonymous with in-wall systems, is virtually non-existent. A significant improvement in performance is realized because the front baffle/wall interface doesn’t “move”.  A minimum phase HQ crossover includes polypropylene capacitors and a customized level control that optimizes high frequency response for prevailing room acoustics.

System Design 8” 2  way in wall surround system.
Woofers   (1) – 8” Wool/Carbon / cast frame
Tweeter   (2)-  1” Silk. dome tweeter.
Frequency Resp.     45 hz- 20 khz,  mounted in back box
Crossover1500 hz @ 18 db/octave
Impedance      6 ohms
Sensitivity90 db
Construction    Rigid aluminum front edge with HD ¾” front baffle .
Wall mounting¾” birch ply trestle with ¼” steel bolts
Grille / Color   MDF/ with a wide variety of fabrics to match wall color
Hole Cut out    14.5" x 10.5"
Overall Size    16” h x 12” w x 3.7” d.

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