LS - 26 on wall system


System Design      Dual 6" 3 dimensional/aligned on wall system.
Woofer    (2) 6" Wool Carbon Quiet Cone
Tweeters         (1) Vifa 1" ring dome
Crossover2 pole minimum phase with poly caps and air core inductors
Frequency Resp.    45 hz- 20 khz,
Impedance      6 ohms
Sensitivity       89 db
Power Min/Max     20 - 150 W RMS
Applications    Main L&R, Center and Surround   
Construction   1.25" thick MDF  
Wall mountingZclip  
Overall Size/Weight     28" h x 7.5" w x 5" d max with grille/ 24 lbs ea.           

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Aesthetically appealing and time aligned for added coherence the LS 26 is a very popular choice for high end on wall installations. Dual 6" Wool/Carbon Quiet Cone bass-mirange units combine with a 1" Vifa tweeter and minimum phase crossover to create an omni tasking  system that can be used in nearly any application. It's 3 dimensional front, in concert with beveled top and bottom, improves vertical dispersion while providing a symetrical sound field. A wide variety of architectural grade finishes makes the LS 26
compatible with virtually any room environment

Shown in natural cherry