Our BC line of outdoor speakers represents the ultimate in performance and durability. Designed for estates and large coverage areas our  8211 and SW 21 are built to reference standards, using premium components and a "no holds barred" approach. Rated at greater than 100 db output @ 1 watt, a single pair of 8211's can provide up to a 1/4 acre area with powerful, high quality, sound with even coverage. The companion OD 21 sub woofer supplies a tremendous amount of powerful  bass  and brings the overall combined performance in line with the best movie theaters. Built to weather what Mother Nature has in store, they feature laminated aluminum over Extira panels, with silicone treated edge guards and stainless steel screws. All seams and joints are completely sealed. Compression fitted, perforated, aluminum grilles protect drivers and interior components. Generally, (1) SW 21 is required for every (4-6) 8211 modules.
OD 8211 and SW 21 Outdoor Speaker Systems