Application     Outdoor & Professional - rated for extreme output.
Woofer                         (2) 8" BC, treated cone  with cast frame
Tweeter                       5x6  horn with 2" compression driver
Crossover                   2.5khz minimum phase
Loading                        Sealed, QTC .7
Freq. Response  -             65hz – 20 khz
Front Panel Incline       11 degrees
Coverage angle                30 deg - all planes
Sensitivity       100 db. @ 1 w 1 meter
Max Spl.   137 db @500 w
Power Min-Max     20- 550 rms.
Impedance    5 ohms
Inputs      Neutrik (2)
Size, Wt.   28 ” w x 12”h x 11.5” d, 66 lbs net.
Finishes            Black Satin Aluminum

Shown here in satin black  $1995 ea
The OD 8211 is a high power, compact monitor, system designed for high output, outdoor and professional use. Equally at home with Beethoven or bomb blasts, it boasts 100 db sensitivity (4 times as loud as a typical loudspeaker) and provides unsurpassed projection, coverage and power over a wide range of positions and frequencies. Its smooth frequency response provides natural balance and lifelike quality of sound.. Rated at min. 1 pr per 1/4 acre. Best results are achieved when used with an SW21 subwoofer.
8211 Grille off.
OD 8211 BC Outdoor speaker system